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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another week...without holiday

Yeah, I am turning into this public holiday-obsessed person on the hunt for holidays every week.

I think I have said enough about how blue can one get and I have decided to make myself happier by looking forward to holidays which can be so far away and yet, look so near (the folding calendar is right in front of me, it's just that I do not have Harry's magic wand to make that holiday appear rightaway)

It is the start of another new working week, and the day looked gloomy (not in my mood, but the weather itself is indeed in its glooms since the morning).

This is a busy week for me though, despite the no-holiday season as there is a company-organized event in my state and it will be arriving here on Friday (currently it's down south in JB)

However, I can't help waiting for it to be here soon enough to look forward to next week where there is the Penang Heritage Day (when is our HR gonna announce that it's a public holiday for us here?) and ooooh, the lovely birthday of the Yang DiPertua where we get our replacement!

God blesses rulers with birthdays falling on the right dates and fill our gloomy and long months with these holidays! (self-celebrates!)

Whatever it is, I just know this week is gonna be flying past me in no time as well, as I breeze through the presentations and in a blink of an eye, it will be Friday soon and then before we know it, it's the weekend!

*Snaps back to reality* It's still Monday and for now, I've got to get back to work...here goes another appointment/meeting into the diary for Wednesday and Thursday...

Tells self, "Mondays are great, mondays are great..."