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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Funny stories across the ocean...

Last week I had fun hosting a bunch of managers from UK, Germany and Singapore who came all the way for the purpose of an important project.
At the same time, I met up with the presenter of the project who was also from the Europe continent and we engaged in an interesting conversation.

Most of them flew in here during their Easter holidays; a pity for them...as they were Christians and Easter means a great deal to them.
In fact, as Colin quoted, "Easter is so important that the company closes during Easter...and the COUNTRY closes!!"

Wowww....and look at us here...we don't even get holidays on Good Friday nor Easter Monday:(

Furthermore, they also mentioned about the queer weather in their region at the moment; instead of entering spring season, they are experiencing heavy snowfall that they were stranded at the airport during their departure.
Due to the heavy snowfall, the plane was iced or frosted!!!
And they had to wait for a good 45 minutes for the de-frosting or de-icing of the plane and the wings to enable the plane's departure.
It was an amazing thing...and an eye-opener even for themselves!!

Hahaha....I told them that we are also getting weird seasons here recently...
A HOT HOT afternoon or morning, and then in the late afternoon, skies will become so dark and gloomy and then greeted us with a torrent of heavy rainfall as well...

Snow over there and rain over here....isn't it unique...God's amazing creation...

And Colin, do remember your promise to bring me snow from England!!:D (If you can...:)