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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Netball vibes

My department is organizing a sports carnival and everyone is divided into the sports team.
The first event will be a joint conduct of both the soccer and netball in parallel.
Haha.... both genders involved; man, think we had a hard time finding the players to form the teams for the game.
I know, it's not easy to have participation and some Asians are not really the athletic nor sporting type (no offense; not stereotyping here).
haha...the lack of enthusiasm and sportsmanship surprises me (not that I am such a great volunteer myself but somehow when organizing is involved, you tend to feel the pain:p)

Talking about netball; sounds like ancient history huh?
Seems that it is not really such a popular game; haha...one of the rare species that most have never played before; especially among Chinese girls.
Or maybe it was popular during our school days? Haha...remember those PE hours when we sweat and run around to shoot the hoop?
Woww...again, lots of memories...(why am I being so sentimental recently?)

Haha...just exchanged email with Dory and we also discussed about this (the initial intention was to ask her whether she knows of anyone with the ball:p)
And of course, the results were in vain; since no one plays netball these days:(
So, we thought of those times when 4 of us played netball (haha, this is something that ALL 4 are in together) but as fate has it; only Dory and Shay Lye were in the same team....I am in Blue (you're right:) but you got Yen's team wrong (not green, but yellow...the best coach mar...remember Puan Tan?)
Haha....but then I remembered somehow all 4 of us played; was it an interschool thing ar? I remembered we were all in the practice and Puan Tan was there; despite her ruling yellow team most of the time.
So I think that must be the competition time when she trained all of us. I still remember we had 2 teams (one for reserved) but everyone practised along anyway :)
We had a very strong girl team from SRKKB; remember those Year 6 gals who were all so tall and swift?
When we were in Year 6, we also played and I still think it's fun...although there's lots of rules to follow:P
Missed those times ler....ooo and did I mention that I always thought Malay girls are really good netball players?
Well, they still are....and I remembered Raja, Fozy and Aini....wow...those were really good...hehe, Dory, still remember them?
Then there's Sheena, haha...our best GK/GS.....and Reen and also Siti Hasmah (still remember her?)

Wowwww....again, another nostalgic moment...better stop all this; seems like a symptom of getting old:P