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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Of Shopping and Sales

I have to agree with LaydieBug(as I always do :), those sales are "evil".....they make you spend and go on those madness spree; like you just look at the prices and you know they are cheap and you stand there wondering and torn on whether you should get it without feeling guilty or deal with the fact you may have to wait for the sale to be on again plus you may not be able to find something similar again to the one you have in your hand.
Sounds familiar?
Isn't that the shopping dilemma or what we call the to buy or not to buy kind of situation?

On the other hand, knowing myself and of course, bestie too, we are never the type to spend foolishly..... actually most of the ladies are like that (for a few exceptions).
Most of us know what we are doing; and we know when the prices are jacked up on purpose or really cheap....don't think ladies are just some dumb bimbos who just go there and oooh aaaahhh all over the 50%, 70% signages we see hanging around whenever the sales season are here. We do know our stuffs okay; all those window shopping (that guys usually find a waste of time) do actually help in knowing the actual price.
We actually know all the value's worth and whether the quality is good just at a glance or a magical touch....haha, no kidding, ladies are born with that natural talent.

Call us shopping draggers? (when we spend way too much time shopping the whole day?)
Haha......but we often come up with the best buys and value for money ler.....
So, there is no issue anymore...... unless you want to point that we wasted the time but I still don't agree with that coz the time was exchanged with that careful shopping attitude!
We are not dumbos who fall for those Cheap/Hot Deals without checking:D

So....I have been doing some shopping and really, I also feel that everything is inviting...haha, somemore with sales.
But need to control and watch the spending too; it's not good to always buy everything; I always believe in moderation. It is okay to spend or splurge if you want once in a while if it makes you feel good but otherwise, still better to spend within your means.

BUT....sales are always evil....they give you those knots in the stomach when you are not sure whether you deserve to get this and then you try to psycho yourself by saying you will go without a good meal or buy nothing thereafter.
Then there's also those moments when you refuse to let go of an item you like and kept telling yourself you may not find this anymore.....
Sighhhhsss.... see, it's not easy part of the female species either...... it's like a tough decision and time whenever we go through that...don't you wish you have lots of money? (but even if I do, think I will still think before I spend....thrift and moderation in mind :D