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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Aiks, my laptop died on me last night.....yikes yikes!!!
It was really devastating man!!
I was heading home after work; and yeah, my laptop couldn't start causing me to be in a panicky situation.
There were so many stuffs (work-related); this is my work laptop k, stored in it.
Arrrggghhhhhhhhhh.....it was really frustrating; no matter how I tried to start it, it just wouldn't budge; no lights nothing!! There is just no sign of life!!!
Hu hu....sob sob sob.....
My poor little laptop; it is really sad to see it in such a state....
Worse still, I felt kinda crippled without my laptop; yeah, the whole night....I was like, I want to do my stuffs.
Now, don't use the term workaholic on me; my laptop is also used for my entertainment; like browsing for stuffs; writing, etc.
Why why why....please don't die on me....
I know, whiny me.....but my laptop.....gotta wait for those people to check it out for me....please work work.....really cannot wait:p

Just realized how dependent we have become on technology. It's like, we cannot live without those stuffs around us; cell phones, computers/laptops, some TV, iPOD/MP3 players, anything that is tech-savvy.
I mean, just imagine if you are without your cell for a day; okayyy, even for a couple of hours, how do you picture yourself?
If your car broke down and you couldn't use it for a couple of days as it was sent to the workshop, what are you going to do?
If your workstation died (laptop or computer at work), what will you be doing next?

Funny how all these generation paradigm have affected us so deeply these days.
Previously, don't even talk about cell phones, even telephone is considered a luxury to be installed at home.
And TV? Haha...the most people could afford back then was a radio which broadcasts all the news and also movies, ads, etc.
Now, if you do not have your TV/DVD/CD player, I think you will be bored:p

Sighhhhhs.....and now, I pray for my laptop to be back to life :)
Of course, it is already fulfilled...!! YEayyyy!! Laptop is alive now!!~ :)