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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Netball stories

Yeah, Dory, my memory was a little vague on whether we were playing for school; but I remembered we were all together; with Raja (yeah, the fair Malay gal...memory's still good:), Sheena(tall indian girl), Fozy, Siti(Pn Raja Jam's daughter) - total of 7 players and there was another reserved team too....hmmmm...maybe we were the reserved team...whatever, it doesn't matter, most importantly, we really had lots of fun then :D
Netball netball....sounds so ancient, missed the gang in action lar! How I wish I can request to import players.
Did you know this round my team consists of all not-so-tall players? Haha...and they are all amateurs (first time playing netball:)
I am not that pro either....but I still vaguely remembered the rules:p
And I found out about the other teams; man, all are either school or state players.
Whoa....school players are already good (rough), state players???? Wahhhh...sure squished to potato mash:p
Hehehe....but that being said, of course, we need our self-confidence and faith....
Who says short gals can't play netball?
Used to be of an acceptable height when in primary school mar; just that the others continued to grow in height and I didn't....hehe, that's why now a short Angelstar:p
My friend; who happened to be the organizer teased me sarcastically when he presented on the netball rules and I happen to correct him.
He was surprised that I am a netball player....and made this statement,
"Your school must not have very high requirements huh?" And he laughed...hahaha....
OUCH....what is that supposed to be mean? I used to be okay (tall) in Std 6 lorrrr.....
Hehe....I didn't play in high school anymore, those players were too darn good.
But in Uni, I did join the Netball Society for a while; or at least I went for one practice but there were some politics involved so I left, along with another Kadazan girl who was a school player as well.
Well, yeah, it is an advantage to be tall, but it doesn't mean short people can't make it either.
Tall girls may be good at shooting goals, defending, etc.
But short girls can also run fast and pass swiftly:) I remembered Shay Lye, now that was one good netball player - swift and I remembered her playing center; the team captain.
Hey, I do miss you gals lar...I wanna import players!! :D
And don't look down on short gals, nothing is impossible.....remember how Japan bombed US?:p
*Japan was perceived as a small Asian country and they took US by surprise as well*

So, go gals.....wish us luck for the netball game:)