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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spotted: Ex-housemate

Just 2 days ago, I was with my friend in the Sunway area (actually we were in the car) and was turning into the area where all the shops and restaurants are located when I noticed a silver Kenari behind us. I was just casually looking over at the rear mirror and somehow the face struck me as someone familiar.
Whoa, it was my ex-housemate from my Alpha Year in MMU (Alpha was our first year;the foundation year).
Yups, that's her,one of the B-01-08 housemates....haha....
And yesterday, again, I passed that area and again I saw her with a guy (not sure whether it's her bf or brother) having dinner and it's definitely her, no mistake about it.
Talk about a small world:p
I do know of a few of my uni mates who came to Penang and most of them are in Motorola; but I have never ever seen any of them; and now I did....haha, maybe the world is not that small after all too:D