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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Netball stuffs

RockYou PhotoFX

This is the netball court; I also vaguely remembered all the positions and locations until I saw this and it really brought back all the memories; those were the netball days.
I really want to meet up with all those old friends and play a good game, have a good chat and a fun party/meal!!!
So, looking at the court, which one do you think I am playing? Hahaha.....which is my position?
Dory, just a memory kick, still remember which position I played before?
I remembered yours...hahaha:p

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And this is how you defend; still remember all those rules?
Only thing about netball is the rules....real hassle; which is why more people prefer basketball to netball:p
1. 3 seconds to pass once you have the ball
2. 3 feet away from your opponent whom you defend when she has the ball
3. No dribbling; netball is all about passing
4. Cannot move the foot which landed when you caught the ball - it must be static and only the other foot is allowed to move:)
5. No contact at all (deliberate or accident) - don't think this really apply...haha, if unseen by the referee, that's how we get injured:p
Many many more.....
Since there are so many new players, guess what the organizer (gal) told me?
"Think the first few minutes will be the blow of whistles more often than the shooting into the goal:p For all the violations"
Hahaha.....ahhhh, that annoying whistle....now you know why netball gals are violent?
When you are already bounded by all the rules and regulations....and yet the whistle blows; stop the game here and there (violation) and your ball is taken away (after fighting like men at war for it), it's no doubt the level of annoyance and frustration hikes up....haha, and they will all start to wear a sulky and agitated expressions; thus the black faces all around...haha...
and remember, they are girls, after all :D
Haha.....anyway, will have a good game today and update further!!~ :D