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Friday, May 30, 2008

Great news about Uncle

Thanks to all your prayers; my uncle is discharged today!!:)

I am so happy for him; although I am feeling slightly unwell today.

I have gone to see him several times and was rather worried when I learnt about his loss of appetite following his surgery.
However, I was pleased to be of his service...hehe, getting him his unique requests for drinks and food; such as orange squash, ginger beer and fruits jelly.
Weird that he wanted sweetened things despite his diabetic record but due to the low food intake for the past few days, we had no choice but to give in.
Anyway, he was definitely delighted with the things i brought him and requested for cup after cup:)

He even held my hand and chatted with me...I really remembered all those nice childhood memories.
He was my favorite uncle; and vice versa with me being his favorite niece:D

I am really happy to hear about his great recovery...and I really have all your prayers and God to thank for!