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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Communicate & Present with POWER!

I've had the most fantastic four days training since last week!
I attended 2 days last week on one session and another 2 days this week for another different training BUT they're all conducted by the same instructor!

This is definitely MY FAVORITE type of training as I felt CONNECTED to it!
I love everything about communication; it just ignites that passion in myself; a power within that I want to share.

In fact, I was really getting into it and I was elated when Ernie (that's my inspiring trainer) complimented me as a FANTASTIC speaker!

Now, that's a really sky-high compliment and it came from a greater expert which made me felt....at loss for words! I really cannot use merely words to describe that wonderful feeling at the mention of his words!

I LOVED being there; I LOVED it because I am MYSELF when I do it:)

I have learnt so much from Ernie; and he has definitely been an influential motivation factor for me.
Thank you Ernie; for making these 4 days a GREAT ONE!

It's not about presenting with just power, it is BEING in POWER! (BIG Grin)