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Thursday, September 13, 2007


I just realized I forgot these pics I took during my last trip down to KL for Merdeka when I was in 1U:D
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I was doing some window shopping with Mummy when we actually heard the sounds of some musical instruments and we sort of approached the center arena to take a peek at the concourse area.
I was surprised by the harmonious picture I saw; these people on the stage performing; Malay, Chinese and Indian.
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They were all playing their traditional music instrument according to the song played.
For instance, when it was Rasa Sayang, all will tune to play to that song on their own instruments.
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Sounds weird?
You will be surprised by how harmonious the music blend together!:D
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This is what I called Harmony and peace; one of the things Malaysia is proud to boast of that the multi-racial society can sit down together:)