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Monday, September 03, 2007

Poor Innocent Baby

I am horrified and shocked by the recent plight of this baby whose arm was amputated due to a silly medical mistake.
It really made me wonder at the level of medical competency, skills and knowledge these days.
A question and discussion which rose from this issue was WHO was at fault?
Was it the consultant who assigned the task to the medical trainee or was the trainee directly to be blamed in this case?
Most people would pinpoint this to the medical trainee since he was the one carrying out the assigned task; to inject into the baby's arm.
Some(majority) even blamed it on the consultant who didn't make it to the hospital and ended up assigning an important task like this to a medical trainee.
And there were all different views, etc.

Me? Simple...I see it as a fault and severe mistake on both parties; not just on a single party.
The consultant is experienced and definitely an expert in his field and thus it is his mistake to just assign it to a trainee without following up or mentoring/guiding him to complete this task. It may be simple for him; but for a fresh new trainee with shallow experience, it is no easy feat. Furthermore, when it comes to dealing with infants, sometimes even consultants or experienced doctors sweat when it comes to injections and major surgeries due to the delicate blood vessels and organs in the tiny bodies.
Moreover, this is a blood vein to deal with...it is not easy to identify.

As for the trainee, don't think he's off the hook either after all I have said about the consultant. I think it is pretty sad that the medical knowledge acquired has not enlighten him on the difference between a vein and a muscle!
It is pretty dangerous; and in his case, if you are not sure or scared, do consult before taking further action...this is a human life you are dealing with!!!
He is just as much as responsible...and I daren't imagine how many more tragedies we will have if we do not scrutinize the medical skillsets before allowing public practice....

And I am truly very sad for the baby girl for losing an arm at such a tender age; it is truly devastating and I pray that she will grow up to be a strong and beautiful girl and optimistic to fight this tragedy through...God bless her

I am really starting to have a phobia of going to doctors....(I have had so much stories to tell on doctors here..and I have posted more than once here in my blog...sighs:(