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Monday, September 03, 2007

Ipoh Mali Ipoh Ipoh Mali!

I am heading down to Ipoh this weekend...YEAYYYY!!!
Initially I couldn't make it because of a training I need to attend on both Friday and Saturday...(what kind of training which takes up people's weekend???:(
Anyway, yesterday I was back at the office and I noticed this email that the training has been postponed to later this month (and yes, it's another Friday and Saturday...darn!:(
Right now, I am hyper coz I can join my jee mui and the entourage gang on a trip down to Ipoh to attend one of our good friend's engagement party and at the same time, they are going on a makan trip as well....I can help to take pics..LOL!:D

Any tour volunteers? Hehehe....Ipoh Mali!!