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Monday, June 11, 2007

Horrifying Korean Teachers?

I was thinking of catching this Korean horror movie over the weekend when I was bored and thought of scaring myself a little...hehe, maklum-lah,can scare the stressed mind out:p
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Yesterday, I stumbled upon the trailer of this movie and it looked kinda dull (in color) and it looked kinda sinister and I bet there were gory scenes since they mentioned there were murders involved...not sure how good this is....haven't heard from anyone yet...
Anyone watched it yet?
Any opinions?

The storyline that I read on this was that it was about a reunion with a disabled school teacher after 16 years; and the students were bent on revenge against their elementary school teacher who had done things to them....I think was rather strict with them during their school days.
Then the reunion somehow turned out to be disturbing as the attendees of the reunion turned up dead one by one and a horrific truth is revealed....
What is the truth?
Don't ask me...I have no idea....I have not and am not even sure whether to watch this.
Korean horror is somehow slightly better (in my opinion) compared to Japanese horror which has been pretty generic since The Ring which they was over-acclaimed in its fame.
Anyway, do let me know for those who have watched it...I haven't watch horror in a year now and I do not want to freak myself out when my housemates are not around....hehe:P