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Thursday, June 28, 2007

How to drive...ah??

What's with the drivers in Malaysia?
They really drive on others' nerves.....
I am not an impatient driver (or I think so) but some drivers really test your patience.
I was going home yesterday from work and then I met a few really slow drivers.

This silver Perdana was in front of me and he was like swerving here and there and then, put on his signal last minute to cut that bend in front. Okay, I was quite a distance behind him, so I could make it in time.
Then, I was still behind him and he again, overtook other cars dangerously, putting on his signals at the very last minute.
I finally got off his trail as I overtook him and went off

Then as I was reaching my condo area, there was this Wira aeroback with KL car plate which was trying to make a U-turn. The other entrance was closed so naturally, this is the normal route for me as well; to make a U-turn to hit the road to reach Queensbay.
The funny thing that tickled me was, he went all the way to the edge to make a U-turn...I dismissed that as a possibility that he is unsure of the directions.

I was following behind him and again, he drove ever so slowly, which I am okay since he is of a foreign plate (not local...understandable to find their way) BUT...he goes out of this lane and then rush back into the lane again....now that was scary and he was crawling at like, 20km/h? No kidding!!

Nevermind, that was yesterday...this morning, EARLY morning as I was going to work, I was behind this while Kancil....a real joker.
He was on the right lane...there's 3 lanes around this industrial area....along the Krystal Point stretch.
He suddenly put his signal and cut his way all to the left....haha!!!
If you are heading to the left direction, shouldn't you be slowly cutting into middle and then left lane?

Sighs....can someone tell me, what's wrong with our Malaysian drivers these days?