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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Storm in Penang...am I lucky to be out?

While I was away, Daddy told me that there was a rain spell in Penang (north) and it stirred up a storm here. Pretty dramatic and an anomaly for this to hit our country; some even commented that the storm kind of reminded them of the tsunami tragedy a few years back.
I even got some pics from my colleague on the storm which hit Esplanade; you know where the famous Fort Cornwallis stood? And the mighty and legendary cannon which was reputed to be haunted/saintly as it goes off during the holy month sometimes....
It was also the place where I did my History project in Secondary 2.....
And the following pics showed how badly it was hit....
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Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

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Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
These pictures look really scary huh? I'd be freaked if I was around....
And...I have to travel to Kulim somemore, Daddy and Mummy will really worry sick:p

Daddy even told me that several places such as Pulau Tikus and Georgetown was badly hit by the flash floods...and even Sungai Dua...the place where I first stayed when I started working here. Can you imagine? It's on the highlands area...but it's not flooded; however, some food stalls suffered from the storm which destroyed some of their stalls and also some of the houses had their roofs blown off. In Georgetown, some of those wooden houses even collapsed; defeated by the strong wind and also the water current from the skies.

Phew...such drama....and all when I was coincidentally out of town/state.
Daddy said it was a good thing I was away, else they will have sleepless nights wondering how I was up here during the storm. Of course, they didn't wish for anyone else to be hurt...but just, good riddance....
I am thankful to God that the rain season has passed on.....