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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Men in White

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Okay,before I totally lost memory of this movie, let me just do a quick review on it.
I watched this last Saturday; not really into horror these days but just wanted to rest my mind a little and moreover, this was a Singaporean which I thought should be pretty entertaining.
Boy, was I disappointed!
Not only was this without a storyline, it was pretty lame with the jokes and also the funny sides of it.
Of course, I will not deny that it did stifle a laugh or two BUT, it was obviously corny and also, really something that was so childish.
The story (sort of) revolves around these 5 ghosts, Ah Hip and Ah Hop (one speaks Cantonese and the other speaks American English), Madam Wong( a devoted housewife of a mother),a girl (couldn't remember her name), Ah Leng (a mad guy) and also Ah Boon (an obsessed badminton player). Oh, not forgetting Sunny (Johnny in Maggi and ME) who was mysterious and the one doing all the video shooting throughout the movie that you don't see him at all.
They were pretty clueless and low in intelligence ghosts who roam about in this unoccupied flat; boring each other's lives until one day, this particular new ghost joined them and created excitement as he taught them to scare the humans off.
They soon found out that this new guy, David/Albert or Gilbert as they call him was a fraud and was actually a human in disguise who wanted to obtain evidence of his paranormal investigations.
Then on and on went those ridiculous and weird parts; including some absurd rapping and also love stories and also this contractor and the sissy new landlord...
Finally, Sunny was revealed.....guess who he is?
Well....not that hard....
I wasn't really ticked off by the movie; I find it amusing but after effect, the whole thing really seemed silly and insane for me.

Worth a watch?
For horror? -> No, nothing scary at all
For comedy? -> Can be considered, if you like some silly jokes
For entertainment? -> Well, what are movies for after all?
For info on ghosts? -> Erm...recommend other sites for you :)

For a Singaporean movie, this was really so-so compared to its predecessors (either in horror or comedy )
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