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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

No-orbit :)

Ahhh...too much of whiny tales these days; let's move back to something with a light note :)

I just wanted to share on this movie I watched with bro during CNY when he was in Penang; and it was kinda funny...a last minute thing to go watch a movie.
Oh well, Eddie Murphy, as usual was at his best humourous self and did you know that this movie actually was written, directed, produced and starred himself :)
Talented guy, ain't he?
And you will be surprised that he played multiple characters in the movie; one of it kinda took me by surprise; he played that Chinese old uncle who brought him up!
Now call that good make-up effects or what......:D
Anyway, it was another simple and funny story about this wimp who was dumped as an orphan...yeah, you got that right, his name was Norbit and yes, he was Eddie Murphy. He had this childhood sweetheart; a girl playmate who was later adopted.
Then he was heartbroken but due to his weak nature, he was constantly bullied by bigger guys and then came this big girl who called him her boyfriend and fought off those bullies.
Norbit ended up marrying her; Rasputia....haha, who had 3 thugs of a brothers whom the whole town feared.
Anyway, the story went that he was continuously stepped upon by that LOUD wife of his who even had the nerve to have an affair with her fitness instructor and screamed at Norbit when he caught them in bed.
Really wimpy; even girls felt like hitting him on the head to get a grip of himself and head out of the marriage which he didn't; due to his fear for his wife and in-laws(her 3 bully brothers).
Well, eventually, his sweetheart came back; engaged but then they unravelled everything to be a scam and they were still in love and so, yeah, you got it, happy ending.
Predictable but still okay for a watch.
Hehehe....I called him No-Orbit....hehehe...dragged the O's to make that effect; since he was such a wimp...so I reckon that No-orbit basically describes his restricted movement; no moving around, no hanky pankies.....sighs, I really find guys like these need to stand for their own rights; abuse do not apply only to ladies and guys do need to do something about it as well :)
AND, as the poster says it all....he made a very BIG mistake!!! Hahaha....