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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Beauty fads and commercials

What's with all those commercials these days about slimming, detoxification, anti-aging, botox, hair-less?
When you turn the pages of the newspapers, you will notice that you are greeted by Marie France, Terimee, or whatever names that have those celebrity faces with testimonials and also all those Before and After pictures of their clients.....

Fuh.......what's with all these fads and I am surprised at the number of people who actually seemed overwhelmed by it....
I mean, do you really believe in all those wrapping yourselves with plastic tightly or even aluminium foils to slim yourselves down? or even put yourself through a recommended diet, yeah, without pills or starvation or exercise but this is all mental...psycho...pronto.
It is amazing how manipulative the power of mind can be....and ladies, despite being highly educated, fall for all these tricks and marketing strategies.
I am just saying that proper healthcare and well-being comes from within yourself; don't go believing that all these can do wonders for you.
I have nothing against them; they can be there to help and guide you; but hey, there is no guarantee that it will restore your youth or hell, even making you look younger when you are like past your menopause?
To me, aging is an inevitable process; yes, admittedly enough, none of us like it (including myself); getting old is so not pretty.
But hey, we just have to accept it as part of the life process and that it is an established fact that we have past that pigtails and lacey dresses with ribbons stage and that we are constantly moving in phase with time.
Like it or not.... you have to see that as part of life. You can't expect to be an 18-year old forever...and go on and on wearing all those cute skirts,overalls, etc.
That being said, it also doesn't mean that you cannot be young at heart or you have to accept that you have sagging and wrinkled skin now and that you are...hate that word...OLD.
You can still be young; look young....with the proper diet and daily habits...nothing drastic really.
I was at Watsons' and Guardian the last few days and I couldn't help noticing these 2 ladies who were like these housewives, and they were discussing on the products to use....and then she mentioned that they need to use those teenage products; supposed to help to keep their skin smooth.
Then you can also see those old....erm, middle-aged ladies who look like some sexy or savvy young and hot chics from the back in malls only to find that they were even older than your mum and they are wearing those hippy tights and tops which look like what your nieces might wear.
Well....probably vanity had to do with all these; but my point being, we are creating opportunities for more and more to come; bust-firming, eye-lifting...what next....bottom-firming and lifting, eye-opening...do we need to open the mouth as well?
I rest my case....