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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

24 Hours...or NOT?

So....I have been having this discomfort for the last couple of days...which I guess must be due to my gastronomical disaster perking up on me again.
Major discomfort and sometimes, the pain just comes in uninvited.
I was really into it; and no, it's not because of my weird eating habits or eating times....stop on that...this is just different. Even my normal medication is not helping; perhaps I was getting worried and also worked up on something.

Remember I used to mention that I do not go to a clinic here in Penang due to a couple of "unfortunate" encounters with those medical "doctors" (not to be mean, but those docs are not really that ethical...no offense to future doctor wannabes.

So today, after much self-convincing and persuasion and also to get some help, I decided to go see a doctor before I go to work.
I was pretty early this morning; since today is the day I have to get over to Kulim and so, I reached this 24 Hours clinic which happened to be the company's panel clinic and the only 24-hr clinic I know (last time I went it was not bad).
The door unlocked (security- equipped) when I reached the main push-in door and I walked straight up to the registration counter where this sour-looking middle-aged nurse with glasses and wearing a tudung stared at me.
I gave her my Medical card and she pushed this piece of paper towards me which I filled....hmmm, must be the early wake-up call.
Then she proceeded to push another piece of paper which I needed to fill in and then she just turned her back and went to the metal drawer cabinet and asked,
"Pernah datang ke?" which I answered aptly, Yes.
Then she just told me to take a seat and after a while, I went into the room with this doctor who looked like some Bangla/Pakistani rather than our Malaysian-Indian or Malay. Perhaps he was a mixed; Mamak maybe.
Anyway, that was the least of concern...apart from the fact that he obviously looked woken up from his sleep and his shirt was out and his hair was dishevelled. Whatever, let's just ignore the doctor's appearance.

So I proceeded to tell him that I was feeling uncomfortable and it feels like there is gastric which has caused discomfort for a couple of days. I told him I have taken my medication (which usually helps) but it didn't seem to help much. Then he stared at me for a while and asked me,
"So, you are here this early in the morning for? (and he stared at the clock, right in front of me he did that) and gave me this raised-eyebrow look.
I almost gaped....after what I have been saying, he didn't get any of it????
Then he said, "You're early, are you working?"
I was like, is there a crime to be early in the first place and I was taken aback and would have retaliated if I could.
I mean, HELLO? I am sorry that I have disturbed your sleep and to be here this early, it must have been my mistake.....I thought it was a 24-hours clinic.....or was that history? I am sorry, it must have been in the Francis Light generation that this hours are valid.
OF COURSE, i didn't say that out loud...in fact I only thought about it after I got into the car.....but hey, I am really bummed that this doctor was more concerned about his sleep than his patient.
Yeah, I just love visiting doctors once in a while and I also happen to love choosing wee hours in the morning....sorry if that bothers you but I think that doctors and nurses have to face that; otherwise, I don't think you are suitable for your positions anymore.
Arghhhhh....sorry if I sounded overly aggressive or if I overreacted.I was really uncomfortable and it'd be a great help if the doctor could sound more civilized in responding to a patient who is really in pain.

When I requested for MC, he looked at me and told me, I think it's okay; you look fine.
Yeah, like I said, I visit doctors as a hobby; since I have time to kill early in the morning.
To me, that was just plain unprofessional and no offense, you may think I am making a mountain out of a mole hill but the point is, you try your best to gain the trust and also at the same time, trust the patient and take him/her more seriously.
This could be a small case; but like my bro's case, he was already having the symptoms of Dengue fever that time and all the local GP told him was that it was just pimples (yeah right, with black stools....it's just pimples with a normal fever).
I may go for a check up; just wanted an assurance to make sure my tummy's fine....

**Sorry for my rambling and whining...just wanted to share with everyone on this story...no harm ya!~