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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Visit to Oil Palm Factory

On Thursday, I went for a site visit to an oil palm processing factory.
I was naive enough to think it was just a simple factory visit; of course....well, I never had any experience going to these raw materials processing factories anyway, except on the TV.

Well, to cut the long story short, I can probably say it was an eye-opener and also, a rather tiring experiences.

Sorry, I do not have any photo to post here - understandable that factories typically prohibit usage of camera or recording devices.
I can only detail that there were those really big silicone tanks and there's smoke, and of course, OIL everywhere!

Seriously, OIL....it was really oily over there....I mean, duh, it's an oil processing factory anyway.
Initially, I was supposed to wait for my colleagues to go to the site since they couldn't find my bootie size; until the last minute, they found a small-sized and brand new pair of booties.

We didn't go in detail to look at each process; but practically the site was really oily; black patches of oil everywhere. Even the railing on the staircase were so slippery.

I even entered a hydrogen plant...and it was really strict that no answering of phone calls is allowed; or else, the whole plant can explode...that's warning enough to ignore the ringing phone!~

I was not a really phobic of heights but when I climbed up each level of the processing tanks, I couldn't help feeling afraid as well as the staircase and the platform are not made of solid planks; but rather, the sparring steel platforms that can be lifted.
Gosh...I definitely feel insecure...

I was definitely glad to get out of the site after that:p
In fact, I was so happy that I forgot to snap a pic of myself in the attire of helmet, goggle and bootie....hahaha:p

I shall make it a point to only visit semicond labs or production in the future:p