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Monday, April 07, 2008

Anger Management

Anger is one of the worst sin in the 7 deadly sins.
Anger is something built up of emotion and depends on a person's mind and the will to control.

Anger is not a natural thing; it is usually a mind trick and a choice of the person.
It is inevitable when things don't go your normal way and frustration or confusion building in the mind; causing unhappiness to cloud feelings.

I myself am learning to wriggle my way out of this sin; being human.
However, I often find myself bewildered when people just choose to show their anger over every single thing.
Is the anger worth it?

I met cross people today; who just got so frustrated with life, work, people and they just lost their cool and totally lashed out at the other party without putting it to their thought the effect their anger had on others.

It is sad; but yet, people still choose to be angry over major or trivial matters without choosing another way of rationalizing their emotions before expressing them in full mode.

I know it's hard; but I did realize that it is just the either side of the coin kinda scenario; it is a choice to make.
Think of it this way; if you get frustrated and you choose to vent it out at others by snapping or lashing at everyone around you; you will not feel any better because you end up spreading the anger around and making everyone else cross at the same time.
However, if you smile and bury the emotion in yourself and laugh over silly jokes; you will find that your anger subsided in you and slowly, it doesn't seem so important anymore.

So, anger is a matter of choice...and I hope you choose the same road as me *Smiles*