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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Gotcha Call

I was driving to office this morning and listening to Hitz FM's morning crew and their signature gotcha calls; which was quite funny this morning.

This guy was fooled by his own sister and mother; haha....
He was fooled into believing the call came from a national service commander and he took it so seriously in obeying orders that he even did push-ups over the phone.
He must have been terrified to hear from a commander....I kinda pity the guy when his own sister and mother laughed and he realized that they pulled this on him....sighs!

Funny but I was thinking, sometimes it is really not that cool especially when you fool around with something that can cause a panic attack
For instance, last week, this guy called his mechanic or brother about his car and the brakes; yelling over the phone that his car couldn't brake and faking all those crash sounds in the background.
The other guy sounded so genuinely freaked out and when he found out it was a gotcha call, he was relieved but yet you can empathize with his frustration when he found out it was a prank.

In fact, he even mentioned, "I almost had a heart attack man!!"

I mean it's true, pranks and jokes may be funny...but when it comes to a serious extent and joking about life and death, I don't really think it's worth fooling around either.

Much as I enjoyed the perky voices and conversations on the morning breakfast show, I guess there should be some weighing before proceeding with any sort of gotcha request.

So, Gotcha? Find a good joke....:D