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Saturday, April 12, 2008

All's Well Ends Well

Yesterday was a slightly cross between a good and a not-so-good day.
Now if you know me well enough, you should know that I totally love Fridays....it's like, my favorite day of the week...kinda TGIF!

And I was always hyped especially in the morning; but boy, was I surprised to receive 2 important calls from customers in the morning and that got me running and about the whole office getting those things done for the customer immediately.

During this, I had to be so meek to those people who was in the middle link to get things done and yet, I can tell you, some of them were just rude or plain mean and frustrated people which I don't get why.

No.1: The receptionist whom I had to call up to connect to my customer's desk. I had to call a couple of times since my customer didn't give me his direct line nor personal cell number.
And guess what the receptionist told me during my 3rd or 4th call...
"You always call Mr. X so many times, problem not solved ke?"

I was like :-O (stunned with my mouth open)

Then I tried to get his direct line and when I called the following time, I couldn't get through again (bummer), I had no other choice but to call the receptionist who could get him on the line.
This time, she put me through meekly and I waited for him to get on.
As no one picked up the call, it will typically go back to the receptionist...
However, this time, she hung up on me!
I was like, what's her problem?
That's like outright rude!!

And all this while, I was super polite to her...

* In case you are wondering why I was calling him a few times, he had a faulty programming device and needed technical solution and I had to contact him.
He told me to double check and hence we had to do a couple of to and fro calls.

Again, I am definitely astonished at this outrageous behavior of the receptionist....
She doesn't like connecting calls? Well....I really have no idea what's her job scope then.....

No.2: My colleague who was supposed to help me get to my customer's request....sighs, again, red tapes...lots of procedures; written paper, etc etc...you get the picture.
In fact, I settled everything before I went out...
and then while I was driving, she called me a couple of times, of course, I couldn't pick up in time...
And then when I called her, she said I was late lar, this lar...and how come I don't pick up my phone lar, bla bla bla....
Then she also mentioned why didn't I listen to my voice message lar...


I was like really at a loss of words....what do you expect me to say?
Okay okay okay....
Shall I crash myself in the hospital to answer IMPORTANT telephone calls?


But at the end of the day, I actually obtained some very good results; I managed to secure an agreement and a deal with a customer...and for the other customer I assisted in the morning, his problem was solved and he thanked me cheerfully!

Hmmmm......it is true that there is always a silver lining beneath the cloud.....


Fridays are still great:D