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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pleasant surprise from the Lion City

While I was busy staring at the screen of my pc yesterday at work, suddenly this email pop up in my inbox which caught my attention with its header, "Friend from Singapore"
I was like, huh? Probably another software vendor reminding me on the update for the department.
I casually clicked to open the email and was like, hey, this is no client nor vendor I am talking to...it's actually an old friend....more of someone I met during my training in the Lion City last year...and I am amazed that he still remembered me!!~
Yes, met a bunch of interesting and diversified group of people back then....looking back, even I didn't realize it's a year already and I have been quite bad keeping in touch *embarassed*
And yeah, he was asking when will I be going to Singapore...and that he was up in Penang last month (apparently coincide with the time I was back in KL) but he was apologetic that he didn't call me up as he was only stopping by in Penang for one day.
He promised to bring me around or meet up when I do go to his homeland...how about that?
Very sweet....this guy's a lecturer in Ngee Ann Polytechnic...Engineering lecturer and pretty cheerful most of the time, as far as I can remember when I first got to know him :)
So....haha, should I start planning a trip to the Lion City soon? *dreams of a vacation*
Oh well...let's get things done first before I dream of any trip....*smacks myself back to reality*