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Friday, February 16, 2007

The Holiday

Weeee...I was on a pre-valentine date with this good friend of mine aka working colleague...ahaha, as he so called it lar...where we went for dinner and also a movie at the Queensbay GSC.
The movie we watched was really nice and really sweet cum light-weighted script; pretty enjoyable watch.
Okay, I am not gonna launch into some kinda lengthy or long-winded grandmother story about this story or even provide the synopsis, gist, review, etc.
All I want to say is that I read The Star when this movie first came out and they gave a really good review but I was just going to go for a watch and did not held my expectations high...but hey, I was really relaxed and surprised by the flow of the story; which I so agree with the Star reviewer that it is just not your typical and corny type of story but it was actually sweet and I really mean light and sweet.
Nothing heavy-weighted; it's just a simple journey throughout that 2 hours....a simple story about 4 people's love lives; Amanda, Iris, Graham and Miles played by an astounding cast of established actors and actresses like Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black.
It is really that simple....it was about Amanda and Iris; two young ladies with pretty messed up love lives.
One is an American and the other is English (not the red-headed ang mohs as you translate it); they are both blondes. And both wanted to get away to put their mind to rest.
So guess what they did?
Amanda somehow googled Iris up; as in searching for Holiday and she found Iris's house or rather cottage in the suburbs of England; I didn't even know these stuffs exist.
Well....long story short, they ended up in each other's territories....Amanda went to Iris's place and Iris got the luxury of staying in Amanda's bungalow while Amanda had to put up with a little cottage.
It was kinda funny; but then their love lives set in; Amanda fell in love with Iris's widower brother, Graham and Iris fell for Miles; Amanda's colleague.
Simple right....I only have one comment; I felt the focus and highlight of the show was more on the relationship between Amanda and Graham (Cameron and Jude) and Iris and Miles was more of a rushed thing.
Only flaw...but otherwise...pretty sweet for a romantic watch....
As I have said, made a good pre-Valentine's movie, so thanks to my good friend.
And I am wondering who is offering their place for a holiday?:D