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Friday, February 16, 2007

No KL for CNY..

Called Mum and Dad to tell them that I already missed my friends' car trip back to KL....and I won't be back on Friday anymore. I will need to figure out my way back which will most probably be Saturday morning (if I manage to even find someone).
Sighhhs...Dad's first reaction was "WHAT? Still working?? No one else can help?"
Yea....I wanted to ask someone to cover but man, I felt even awful asking my buddy in the morning that I may need to go off early as I need to follow my friend's car down to KL.
But, it was really so dumb of me to actually say that out aloud....of course no one is happy to do in your place!!.. *smacks forehead*
I really pray that she won't be MAD at me....I really didn't mean it...and I am still feeling awful about it:(

I got a call from Daddy and he told me that the best solution would be the family head up north since they will be coming up to visit grandma anyway...and I was like, BUMMER....I have to be stuck here again??? For another year?!!!
I was here last year; also waited for my family to be here during CNY...which was why I proposed that this year, I want to go home...it's more CNY when you are HOME...at HOME....
Mummy was the one who initiated the proposal as she knows I'd prefer KL anytime and any day!
BUT now...seems like I am left with not much of a choice...STUCK here again...miserable...CNY in PENANG??? *sob sob*
*No more KL, here I come*