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Friday, February 16, 2007

Awake at 4am

It's the eve of Chinese New Year...and I woke up like, at 4am??
Man, I barely can wake up on working days and now, during my holidays I am waking up on my own and at 4am...haha, I must be insane now:p
I am still miserable....looking at the room and start to pack my stuffs for CNY, clothes, etc and tidying up the place a little...but yeah, I am still sobbing about my fate and the reality that I am still stuck in Penang for CNY:(
Waiting for mum and dad and bro to come up today...but nah, it's no longer the CNY I looked forward to...not that I really looked forward to CNY most of the time...but this CNY I was actually kinda enthusiastic to be back in KL and meet up with my friends...
Even AL is back!! Then there's LaydieBug bestie, CapriJan bestie, sistas, Uncle Chan, KL-jee muis, KL-guy buddies...BASS-ians....MMU-ians...Ah Pek and cousins...etc etc etc...and NOW, all that won't happen anymore....*sob sob*
Mixed feelings though...at least I don't have to hustle about packing and worrying about leaving stuffs behind...and I get to blog if I am in PG and I can check my Outlook periodically...OOPS:p
Hehehe...but still, nothing beats home in KL.....*end*