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Friday, February 16, 2007


CNY is coming soon...yeah....not because of the festive season but because I finally get a well-deserved break!!!
Anyway, I was quite busy with my current project and we are rushing to get it out to the suppliers ahead of schedule...but man, this requires hard work and dedication and also teamwork to get this done. I have been working and following closely with my designer to make sure that everything goes fine...he's still kinda new but I am glad that there was such an experienced mentor (guru-kind) to coach him to make it in time.
As for me, I have my buddy who guided me as well as this is also my first project in this kind.
Man...I am working and working....and everyone is leaving and leaving....
It was Friday yesterday...my half-day workday of the week and I am supposed to leave for KL but look, I am still working....and I had to give it a pass first to ensure that everything meets the schedule.
Not that I am grumbling about it; it does feel good to have done all your stuffs before you leave for the holidays...that's just part of the responsibility.
Tick tock tick tock...it's almost 5pm...then 6pm...YEAH!!!! Uploaded the files and click Send in the outlook email window...I am FINALLY DONE!!!
Time to go home....man, the office is freakingly empty and quiet and the opposite cub guy was laughing and saying that "Shouldn't you already be gone for the holidays?"
Yeah, wishful thinking...hehe, he's also leaving at that point I was leaving and he was like,
"So, you finally decided to go home huh?"
"You work really hard, don't you...haha, chill, it's the holidays!"
Hahaha.....you work just as hard as me, only that you are not celebrating the CNY season:P

I missed my journey back to KL; needless to say...coz my friends couldn't wait for me and I told them to go off anyway....
I was walking towards the elevator when I saw that guy again near the phone and he was like telling me..."I still need to go down to the lab..."
POOR him....sighs, me, I am done for the day....sun setting soon.....at least now I only need to cross my fingers for the review results of my project....go home.....