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Friday, February 16, 2007

1st Visit to Queensbay Mall

I finally made it to this "largest" mall up north last weekend!!! It's been open since like December and this is only my first visit...haha; weird, huh?
I am even staying in the Bayan Lepas area...and oh, well.....it's still my 1st visit....okay...
Well, anyway, shopping malls aren't such a huge deal since we have like tonnes of them from where I came...hehe, obviously the capital of Malaysia...yups, "orang Kay-el":p
I am not the only one, okay.....there's my other colleagues from KL who have also not visit this mall yet....and yeah, seems like KL folks are just plain not interested or ignorant...but the point is, it's just another shopping mall...no need for such a big hoo-haa....unless it's like the first of its kind and I guess that's it for the north.
This is the first mall which they boast is of the status of the malls in KL city....haha, don't even mention the Megamall in Prai as a mall:p
I was to meet up with a couple of friends there....and so, I get to walk around the mall and checked this place out. Hmmmm.....not all the outlets are there yet but my first comment would be; "This is the mall they compared to our KL shopping malls....note; MidValley and 1U?"
Angelstar's not being sarcastic but I kinda find it on the average and man, the floor layout is a little confusing and not so shopper friendly...hmmmmm.....
My other comments would be as follows:
1. Spaces were not fully utilized...you walk from one end of the mall to the other end but you find the row of shops just kinda end before that point...get what I mean? Yeah, I know most of the outlets are not there yet BUT still, you could see the distance and empty space which is clearly not meant for any outlet to be there.
2. Shops are not in an organized manner...not that you have to be alphabetical or chronological BUT at least, it should be more shopper-friendly. This is really confusing...and I don't really know how quite to describe but it just doesn't click with the mental picture
3. Now this one, the shops are NOT labelled properly!!! Yeah, you can get a copy of the directory/floor plan but take note, you will need to have a good memory to remember what shop was there next to which and then roughly estimate the location of the number you are looking at...BUMMER.
4. Information counter was not informative at all. You know, at one point, my friend and I was looking for some eating outlets and then I suggested to look up the directory board(you know, the kind we have near the main concourse area in our malls in KL), we took a long time to find it. It was practically hidden downstairs....and this is the funny part. We stood at the information counter which had 2 ladies staff and we were hovering over the directory/floor plan which was stuck on the counter and pointed and scanned through.
At this point, guess what the staff were doing? They seemed oblivious to our existence when we were right in front of them; just a few inches away (I am not exaggerating, it's like practically standing face to face) and they were busy chatting away!
Then suddenly, one of them pushed a leaflet to us, "Here, you can have a copy of the floor plan".
There was 1 stack right there....aikkks, malu-nye....but as my friend says, "She could've told us earlier..how'd we know???"
Agreed.....and to think we had to hover and squint through...man, ergonomic issues:P
5. JUSCO is so UN-Jusco!!!! I was kinda little disappointed with the Jusco impression...it just doesn't seem Jusco...the lights were not as bright as the ones we have in KL, for one...and I don't quite know how to say it....

Hahaha...you must think that I am rather biased on my comments since I am comparing it to KL...but seriously, if I were to rate it or even base it with our KL counterparts, I am saying this cannot be the MidValley or 1U category as it's obviously not there yet. Frankly, I think Gurney Plaza rates better than this outlet. But anyway, hope that this will improve along the way, perhaps it's still new.
However, the GSC was not too bad....hehe, nice seats...but that will be in another post:p
So, KL still tops the best shopping malls in Malaysia..yeah, and go MidValley and 1U!! :)