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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The most tiring break...

The Raya holidays for us, non-Muslims are over....and it's back to reality...the harsh reality that we need to work.
(This is so not me, I made it sound like work's such a drag; my bad)

Anyway, I am definitely not over the whole holiday mood; not to mention the lag from the hectic schedule I've had over the whole weekend!

I think, I have definitely overbooked my schedule this round; catching up with all my good old friends...haha, from all walks of my life....from primary school to high school to university....and yet, I have still missed out some of them...because it was really exhausting!

This is definitely one of the most tiring 'balik kampung' trips I've had...but I wouldn't say I didn't enjoy it...hehe!

I apologize to those I couldn't make it to catch up this round, rest assured, you guys and gals will be on the priority list the next trip....I mean it...

I am Missing the long weekend once again lar.....

I knew it's gonna come to an end eventually.....but still, isn't this a little too soon?

Awwww....I regret not taking a few more days off.....I sound like a drag....it's the blues =(