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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Clairvoyance in me?

Sometimes I think I am psychic, I really do.

I always have those unexplainable feelings when I go to places, or do something or even talk to people I do not know.
Sometimes I just know that I have got to do something, or stay away from certain things on that day, or just don't do things.

Guess what, most of the time, it turned out to be right.
I knew this from experience, I just went ahead and ignored my inner voice and just did it and I regretted the outcome.

So, I have learnt to listen to my own inner voice and just do it when it's right and not do things when I have a very strong feeling.

It doesn't only work for myself; but also for people who are close to me.
There are times when I just tell them, "NO! Don't do that!" but I just can't explain why can't they do it.
I just know, something is not right and something could happen if they were to do it.

Weird, eh?
Of course, I am not those psychic-psychic type, I think this is just a small or even partial gift of clairvoyance?
At the same time, I think everyone also has their own inner voices; and I know that this is especially strong in the fairer sex =)

I don't know, I just know that things will go well or not when I could feel it.

For instance, I knew it will finally rain this morning as I woke up and stood at the balcony at 5am, and guess what, in a short while, less than half an hour, it really rained.
But then again, did I tell you, I could sense the rain most of the time?
Perhaps it's my friendship with the rain, it always brings me happiness!~
I feel lucky when the rain is here...not to mention, HAPPY as well =)