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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What does this remind you of?

I did a naughty thing; no, not steal or rob or anything of that sort...and don't even think dirty!

I captured a photo of my neighbour's house; technically, the windows as it just caught my attention and I am sure, everyone else's as well who passes by the house

The windows...look at them closely
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Please let me know your thoughts, what first flashes through your mind when you saw the picture of the window?

It's wrapped with some shiny colored paper...


P.S: No prize for the guess; as I don't know the answer either why they did that.
My question is just what do you think this reminds you of?

I personally think this reminds me of something you use for Ching Ming or the 7th Lunar month...you know, those paraphernalia which they used to burn for the dead?
Ahhh...those paper houses?

I'm not being mean, it's just plain weird to do something like that to your house, right?
Why would anyone want to wrap their windows in ghostly papers like these?
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Beats the 'ghost' out of me!