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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Are we that pathetic?

The long weekend was much looked forward to; and in a blink of an eye...it's all over again and we are all back to square one.

Going to work everyday, leaving work, getting stuck in jams (probably cursing along the way)
Reach home, skies are dark
Go for dinner, stuck in jam again
Come home, cloudy and it starts to rain
Read a book and go to sleep

It's all back to the basics, and we start counting the days left before it's weekend
We drag our feet to work and wonder since when we started feeling like that
We remind ourselves to rejoice when payday comes...
We hang our heads low on Mondays or Tuesdays, whichever days we need to start work after a long weekend
We moan when it's Tuesday or Wednesday, wondering what is taking the week so long to end
We feel excited when it's finally Thursday
We are so happy when it's Friday that we keep checking the time to see when it's time to go home (and at the same time, the plans for Friday night and the weekend are running through our minds faster than the Japanese shinkansen)

We feel so energetic when it's Saturday
Then exceptionally blissful when it's Sunday (I don't like Sundays though; except for the church part in the morning:)
Towards Sunday evening, we start to feel down and agitated, moaning over the working day the next day, and then, it all goes back to Monday again

We can't stop checking our calendars for public holidays; or any opportunities for some break
It's like a motivation boost or something if we know a public holiday is coming up

Seriously, when have we all started becoming so pathetic?