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Monday, September 14, 2009

I can FINALLY Sleep!

Oh wow, that was like such a huge announcement to make....

If you're wondering, I've been losing sleep for the past (*counts on fingers*) 4 nights....

Seriously, and the miracle was, I barely felt as tired as I've expected myself to be each time I lose one night's sleep.
It continued in a pattern that every night I could barely sleep until past midnight and yet, when I fall asleep, it's in active REM mode!
I end up waking up so many times in a night that I don't feel like I've even slept.

It worries me to no end when I get in these insomnia periods, and this is really bad; 4 nights in a row.

Thank God I could finally sleep last night, which was why I had to make the huge announcement...LOL!~

I don't think I should worry about tonight anymore, as once the patterns sinks back in, it should be back to normal! =)
(As long as I don't disrupt the pattern anytime soon....but that's a bit difficult considering this weekend is a long one and I have lots of catching up with friends to do....hmmmm)