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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Honked a Police Car

I left my Kulim office at a good time yesterday to avoid the traffic on the bridge and the whole journey was smooth.
Even the bridge was really clear when I arrived at the toll booths and keeping to the SmartTag lane on the right with all the cones to disintegrate this lane from the other lanes, I was breezing past until I reached the bridge and there was this black jeep which swerved itself into my lane (on its left is another car) and this black jeep just tried to swerve in without heeding the danger of banging my car.
Needless to say, I honked at the driver and turned to look at the driver or the car when I saw these words on the driver's door

@_@...Oh NO!
I honked a Police car!!!:O (BIG O)

Anyway, he got in after that and kept to his left lane driving slowly and obediently behind the other cars.
I took down his number plate in case and even another car's number behind me in case of anything (you know, at least, I have an eye-witness)

Sighs.....I had to start the new year with a LOUD HONK...and at the country's law enforcer nevertheless....UGH!
Do pray for me...