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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Legacy Lives on...

While most of us are combatting with accepting the truth of the death of the King of Pop last Friday, most of the music stores are enjoying rapid sales volumes in the midst of their grief as crowds rushed into the stores to purchase copies of the late Michael Jackson's albums.

I was in shock and a grief as well over the death of this legendary pop icon and could not help feeling sad; lamenting "What a loss it indeed was!"

At the same time, I was so surprised to see the fast-selling copies of his albums that even the pirates must have taken an extra shift to print the albums to push to their own market.

When Michael Jackson was alive, he had already topped the Billboard and the bestsellers' list several times.
After his passing, his albums sold much faster; so fast than you could say "Aye!"

This goes to show that he has not died in our hearts and our minds; as people still rush to recall his legacy.

He may have left us to join the King of Rock & Roll; entertaining the angels and saints in Heaven, but his legacy stays with us for centuries to come... a fact which will never change...for he is indeed a rare prodigy the world of our time has ever seen...

May he rest in peace.....