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Monday, June 08, 2009

The Monday I had to work

The title is not indicating that I don't have to work every Monday ...lar!

Yesterday was a Monday which was meant as a replacement holiday for lots of companies; in conjunction and with due respect to the ruler of our country since we celebrated his birthday on Saturday.

Sighs, while people are busy karaoke-ing or travel-ling, I have to be work-ing! (pun intended)

If you think my company is cheating us of our holiday, not quite so
It's because they have already placed the replacement holiday elsewhere in the calendar...

nevertheless, it's still not so fun when everyone else around you is not working and you have to go to work...
But I didn't slack on my job...I still went to work
Shows discipline....

Monday is now over...haha, and everyone has to work...

But bother, I just noticed in the calendar that there is no holiday for this month anymore and until next month!