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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Working Day or NOT?

This morning I was dragging myself out of bed; sighs, after a nice weekend at home (in my own princess bed), I have trouble sleeping last night. Furthermore, my housemate was still out of town.
Anyway, I drove all the way to Kulim (yeah, today's Kulim day again) and when I reached the car park compound, I was surprised to see so few cars in the area. I blinked, am I still dreaming or what?
I got down from the car; still very much amazed by the number of cars....seriously, usually when you reach the site, there's plenty of cars and motorcycles (remember those manufacturing operators who work in the production floors?)
I am not kidding; I barely see more than 5 of either cars or motorcycles.

Is this a joke? Was there an announcement that we decided to take an extra day off today as well?
I am pretty sure that my company took Monday off instead of Wednesday as other companies do to compensate for the double celebration of Wesak and Labor Day yesterday.
Well.....I just got myself to work and soon, people start coming in.

As for the factory folks, I recalled their replacement is based on rotating shifts from today till Friday....
Haha....all for the working day for engineers :)