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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Roach alert!!

Yikes, I saw a roach the other day (like, 2 days ago) in the apartment and the thing is, it was like on something and wouldn't leave!!
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......I tried my best, swish swooshed here and there, it still is...and then it sat on my pink shower cap!!! Grrrrrr......

Okay, threw my shower cap out.... throw here and there.....that's it!!!
Leave my cap alone!!!!
I HATE roaches and this is a flying one!!!
Weird thing though, it wasn't the normal auburn brownish type; it's in fact a color of black and transparent...and it's like only round like an oval keychain.....but whatever, roaches are foes!!!
Get out....finally got rid of it....man....
Was so tempted to throw my pink shower cap along with it.....*sobs* and then I will cry my heart out since it's my one and only favourite shower cap (yeah, I even have a favourite shower cap...soo?)

Just noticed that recently there has been insects (unwanted/uninvited guests) in my new apartment....sighs.....earlier it was a lizard which freaked my first housemate out...and she's now linking all these appearances to the new housemate....

*coz most of these came about only after she moved in....and it came from her boxes; and also as a result of the sliding door to the balcony which was always left open.....*