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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fire Drill!

I was busy looking at my screen and preparing my presentation for the meeting when suddenly this alarm went off; behind me.
I was sitting near the emergency exit area in the Penang building and I heard its shrill scream.
Then it hit me, we received this email from our admin last week to be alert for the fire drill this week.
*Slaps myself on the forehead*

Then came another shrill sound as the crowd made their way towards the exit; and everyone walked past my cube...haha, and they pushed it off to get out.
The thing about some of our doors here is; it's not meant for you to get in or out; they are only for emergency exits. We follow the standard entrance and exit doors; so if you happen to so much as touch or push it accidentally; haha...there goes...you will be famous in no time.
The alarm will go off; triggering the sound in the whole company.
And then, you will probably be held and questioned why you used that door.
Name will be noted and a mail will be sent to your manager...haha, how about that?
All just because you pushed a silly door!:p
And if outsiders (vendors, contractors,etc) are here, sometimes, they may mistakenly push this door and trigger the alarm. (Oh ya, this alarm, when triggered, will also signal evacuation of the building...after all, it's the emergency exit, right? hehe....so, when you hear the silly noise; get off whatever you are doing and get out!)
So, if these outsiders accidentally did this, haha, whoever is responsible to bring them in will be held....(policy: no outsider is allowed in without any escort from the company:)

Okay, back to the fire drill story, while everyone was making their way towards the exit, I was going against; haha....asking me why?
I had to lock up my bag in the pigeon hole!!
Hehehe....lucky me that it was not a real fire...but if it was real, I won't have to keep it in the little pigeon hole anymore....I will be grabbing my stuffs along with me and run!!!

So we went down; with everyone taking their own sweet time, strolling out of the building.
Yeah, they really strolled; discussing and chatting at the same time.

Soon, everyone in the entire building was assembled at the car park.....and may I add, under the hot sun!!!!
Aishehhh......this is more like the fire rather than in the air-conditioned office.
Also, another thing, one of my colleague even said, if it was a real fire, think most of the people will still take their own sweet time, thinking that it's a drill.....or another false alarm.
Now, how true that is.....isn't that food for thought? :)

After that, *burning us in the hot sun* for about 5-10 minutes, we were allowed to re-enter the building.....sighs.
Back into the realm of the cool air-cond world!! Haha....