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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Can't wait....

I was in Guardian the other day and as I was queuing up to pay at the counter, I was surprised by the long queue.
The cashier soon realized that the queue was building up and redirected us to the other end; the pharmacy counter to pay.
I was making my way and reached the counter (I was almost the last in line earlier...you know, as in, the LIFO(Last In First Out).
As I was approaching the counter, I noticed the lady in front of me earlier...just "inserted" herself quickly in front of me.
Such kiasu-nism!!!
Does it hurt for you to wait a short while?
Looking at the aisles, I guess she must have ran to beat me to the counter.
Some sicko..... I am not interested to bag the first-person-to-reach-counter award-lah!
Furthermore, there's only 2 items to pay up for (her).....sighs, some people!