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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I do not know how to name my post; but I wanted to use some mean words but I felt bad to use those words...and yet, I am so...frustrated (inside) that I just want to shout it out.
I hesitated whether I should post it out but...well, who cares!!! I am not the one in the wrong.

This lady...(naw, too nice), woman...(still polite)...okay, whatever, SHE is a big time double-faced.....Witch!!....with a capital B!!
Why do I say so? (Before all my old time friends who are reading this blog happen to faint or have a heart seizure that I am reacting this way:p )

Well, she has been a cause of everyone's misery (maybe I don't wanna talk about it yet since I have colleagues reading this blog as well) but hey, just a hint that I used to be from the same group and we used to hang out together until she had some mental problem on her own and wanted to darn my reputation....isn't that just NASTY and unethical?

The thing that makes HER so revolting is she acts so nice, innocent, sweet in front of everyone but in front of me and 1 or 2 colleagues, she is a MONSTER!
She wants to get people into trouble and mind you, she is such a two-timing WITCH....yes, I repeat, WITCH!
She thinks she's the innocent one...like, "Oh, poor me..." and tries to turn everyone against me....insecure and insensitive old witch!

She's not that OLD....(to be fair) but she's not that young either.
She thinks she's real pretty and photogenic, taking pics of herself everywhere she goes.....revolts me!!

I have had enough, if she wants popularity, she can have it...and I hope she drowns in it....whatever position/task you want, just take it...and I hope you "enjoy" whatever you snatched from others....

*God, I pray that you will forgive me for being so nasty today...I didn't mean to and I pray that you will grant me peace and forget about this"

Seriously, it's been a year of suffering in silence and misery....all because of a selfish moronic being.....
Whatever.....I will not pray for her downfall or anything evil....I will just let it be....
Justin Timberlake's song...."What goes around comes around...."

Peace be with me and all of you...Amen