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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I have been especially tired this whole week!!
I almost had a heart attack when I came to office on Monday morning; to be greeted by an email which state an issue.
Sighs...I was like, what? Issue....no no no.....
And I have been tired with this and that, working on this and that; and this!
I was drained out of energy especially on Monday and Tuesday....so tired; I practically almost flopped on my desk:(
And someone, the offender initially insisted it was mistake on our part to cause the whole issue or rather the error!!WHAT!!!
I had data to back my team up and well, in the first place...it was their mistake.
So everything is fine...they admitted it was due to their human error....the nerve!!

Anyway, finally managed to close it by Tuesday evening and presented in today's meeting...all done....
Not so tired anymore....peace:)