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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Single White Female?

If you have ever watched this movie which starred Bridget Fonda (it IS an old movie), you will know what I mean.
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*A brief summary, it is actually about this lady looking for a housemate and got a perfect one who turned out to duplicate her in whatever she does...so much that it becomes like looking at yourself in the mirror....haha, and extreme, can even end as a case of a doppelganger!
Dresses like her, same hairstyle, kills her puppy and seduces her boyfriend and even kills him....psycho!

Okay, my case is not so extreme-lar....remember my new housemate is in already? That's housemate#2...she's nice and her bf is also kind people.
I kinda like her...I don't really dislike anybody lar...anyway:)

Okay, but I do notice some quirks...she does use people's stuffs without asking, but she just moved in, so dismiss.
Recently, I noticed she is getting stuffs exactly like mine, it's like whatever I have, she will get it....^O^
Now, isn't that weird?
I would have thought she will keep her stuffs as minimal as possible as she is only staying there for 2 months....but well, she got a lot of stuffs recently...maybe planning for longer stay dy?
Whatever....I don't think she is that psycho...just that I always feel weird when people follow me in things I have/do:p

Haha....and I am not worried she will seduce bf, dress the same, kill my puppy....she's absolutely normal in the head :D
Maybe I am just being paranoid sometimes:p