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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Boyfriend Award

I am going to have a new housemate; the latest addition to the house.....but she's gonna be here for only 2 months.
She's due to move in this week; Friday (today) to be exact.
However, I have yet to see her yet BUT, I have seen her boyfriend.
Yeah, he works in the same company as me, but I don't mean seeing him around in the company (although I did see him yesterday:p )
I have been seeing him in the house (or rather, in the room) for the past 2 days since Wednesday.
What is he there for, you may ask? (My housemate, the master tenant, does not allow guys staying overnight).
Well, he came over to the house on Wednesday night, after work; with mop, broom, pail and cloth and yes, he cleaned up the room.
He was so diligent and he spent hours there. He was alone, mind you.
I was impressed and wowed that a guy would do so for his girlfriend.
And yesterday, after work, I went home and took my bath and was resting and heard the main door clicked.
Thinking it was Sara(the master tenant), I didn't bother to go out until I heard the alarm being switched on.
Surprised that Sara will never make this mistake(in fact, she was the one who reminded me not to activate the alarm or trigger false alarms for the security office), I hurried out of my room and saw that it was him again; he thought nobody was home.
One thing he didn't realize was he had turned on the alarm instead of turning off (his intention was to turn off when he comes in).
Hahaha....don't blame him:)

He was there again in the room, cleaning and I think he was setting up some stuffs for the room.
He was there until late at night again....
Wowwwwww....and all this when the gf is not here yet; guess I will see her today :)

Now, this is really one great guy.....so caring for the welfare of his girlfriend, cleaning up for her before she's here?
Extinction....haha.....he really deserves the Boyfriend Award....haha, too bad, my dear friends, he's no longer available for all of you:D