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Monday, October 19, 2009


I've just heard and watch with my own eyes; a story of a phantom in the car.

No, don't expect major drama like what you see from movies like The Ring, Dark Waters, whatsoever.
This is nothing extravagant, but still astonishing to the eyes all the same.

I could not believe it had I not seen it with my own eyes on the video captured during the act.

It is story of a car phantom; and I shall be writing about it in my spooks blog...well, it belongs to that blog and this blog is only to share how spooked I've been.

Seriously, I wasn't thinking about it, but last night, before I closed my eyes to sleep, that same scene appeared in my mind again and I find it quite disturbing.
I am not sure what to believe, but there doesn't seem to be any logical or scientific explanation to what I've seen!

It was caught on tape!
What can I say?

Like I've posted on Facebook, there's lots of things out there that Science still does not have an answer to...and seriously, this is my first time witnessing such an incident... (Not that I wish to have more, please NO!)

I am still trying to take it out of my head so as not to spook myself further....yerrrrrrrr....

(Full story to be posted on my Starry Blog....I can't post the video, as the copyrights belong to the owner - unless I am given the permission)
Be ready to be spooked out by the story!
Read it here!

**I am still spooked and I can't get the scene out of my mind...gosh, I am gonna get nightmares**