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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Are you sick, or are you leaving me?

It has been 3++ years we have been together
I could never go out without you
We are together daily and we even go traveling together
I could never forget you when I want to go on a vacation; in fact, you are the very first one I thought of when I want to travel
You are one of my best friends, my soulmate...
You are there with me during the best moments that we have captured
You are there to remind me of the beautiful moments we have seen and to cherish
Your presence makes everything more memorable
I could never forsake you
You have been really so good to me and I could never let you go
Others have told me how others are better than you and that I could do with something even better, but I remain loyal to you

But now, you seem to be ill
You are starting to fail on me; disappointing me
You have lost that touch to make my life memorable
You are not talking to me and you are making me worried
Are you sick?
Why are you not saying anything?
Is it because you've overheard me checking out others and starting to find out about others that you're feeling jealous and unhappy?
I am not leaving you just yet, I don't want to

But why are you acting like this?
Is there anything I can do for you?
Please, don't give up on me...I love you too much
The others may have better things to offer, and they may be great in appearance
But no one can replace your position in my heart; it's the sentiment that counts...
I could not simply let go of the years we've spent together...

So, please, don't give up and don't let go of this relationship....
Let's try one more time...give this one more try
Please stay with me....my dearest and most beloved camera~