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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back in da Mud Coast

I'm finally back here in da Mud Coast!!
Alright, this is another outdated mud post; I have been back since last Saturday.

I am not on vacation; not entirely; but I am here mainly because of work.
At least it's a free passport to travel home and stay in the comforts of home sweet home, so I am not complaining.

However, workload's really a lot and I just realized, it's been almost a year since I've been back in my office here in the city (HQ)!
There's lots of "hello's", "Hey, you're back!", "Wow, it's been so long!", etc etc. Some of them even thought I've left the company, LOL!
(Well, who knows, right? ;)

Anyway, there's lots of stuffs to pick up on and meetings to attend; discussions with Mr A, Mr B, Mrs C, Ms D, and the list goes on!
If that's not enough, there's also some brief trainings to enhance my job scope (in other words, MORE work).

I have recently been entrusted with another new responsibility as well; and a new project account to manage...and yes, again, it means MORE work.
Well, looking on the bright side, I am learning more and more things and when I have more work, means there's good opportunities and at least, we still have more work to do during these turbulent times of the economy.
It's a good learning opportunity and it helps to develop my skills; part of the plan actually for them =)

At the same time, I get to be with my family as well, and get to go around the city, and catching up with friends (well, this will not be the main agenda this round since I have a few company events and family activities) and yeah, it's great to be back to the city =)

It's definitely good to be back, GOOD to be back~~