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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My 10 Ways to stay warm in the office~

This is a post which I just thought of at this instant; since I am feeling so cold due to the low temperature set in my office.
It feels like those winter chills.....and I already have my sweater on....*BRRRRR**

I know, I am always complaining about being cold and all...and I complain when it's hot too....well, I just like to complain..lar!
Anyway, to be frank, I prefer cold to hot as heat gives me more problems than the cold...but I don't like it when it's TOOOO cold...

Now, how to stay warm in the office?
Just a simple list of 10 ways that I can think of...

1. Put on a sweater and drink lots of hot water (which doesn't really work that much for me)
2. Walk around and bother other people at work. Trigger an argument and you will be all heated up
3. Call for a fire drill (that long walk down the stairs will definitely ignite the heat in your body) If you are in a factory, well, getting out of the building should help to warm you up as well, right?
4. Stand near the printer or fax/photocopy machine or even the coffee-maker. There's heat emitted from the machine and will make you feel warm.
Just make sure you have a huge stack of papers in your hand so that you can justify for standing there for so long.
5. Act busy and run around from end of the office to the other (if you just run around, people may think you've lost your mind)
Make sure you do this a few times; and make sure it's to different locations
Or instead of acting, you can really be busy by helping everyone out with their tasks; and make sure you ask EVERY one...that will keep you warm or HEATED up until 5.30pm
6. You can try hugging your laptop with your cold hands; make sure you touch the bottom of the laptop where the battery is
7. Go to the carpark (you're out of the building)
8. Hide yourself inside the big computer boxes....and close the flapping lids...
9. Lose something and you will find yourself in such a panicked state that you will forget you're feeling cold
10. Put on your winter jacket, mufflers, gloves, and scarf...guaranteed to make you warm immediately!

Do you have any more ways to share with me?
Please make it even more crazy for me......I am so cold that I am about to lose my mind =P